About Us

We Believe in You.

ANAKOT is a team of dedicated professional facilitators specializing in leadership development, self-mastery, and teamwork.

ANAKOT ASIA transforms awareness into empathy, and into transformation—of individuals, organizations and communities with which it works.

We believe in the innate capacity of human being—for the individuals’ power to change relationships they have, and therefore the society at large. We guide our participants through this transformation through three stages:

  • EMPATHY: We listen to understand people from their viewpoints
  • INSPIRATION: We serve with integrity and we leave the legacy
  • TRANSFORMATION: We bridge the heart and mind to possibilities

We take a consultative approach to developing and delivering training, consulting, and coaching services to cultivate three hallmarks of leadership capacities for being empathetic, inspirational, and transformationalOur Vision:
 To make Cambodia a place where all individuals are empowered to achieve their full potential.